Protection Through Innovation

Using a robust UV resistant polycarbonate shell, the ComicCapsule brings peace of mind for the avid collector whether you want to safely store them or show off your collection with pride.

Our UV Test Results Are Out!

As collectors ourselves, we understand the importance of UV protection. Find out how ComicCapsule compares to other comic book protectors out there!

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  • Lawrence Lee

    Howdy everyone!

    From an early age, I have loved superheroes! My fondest memories from childhood were waking up early on Saturdays to watch Super Friends and Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends...

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  • Andrew Luy

    I am an inventor and lover of all things comic books! 

    When it comes to comic book encapsulation, the industry has left the comic book collector with uninspired options.  Bag and board are okay for keeping your $1 comics...

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  • Joe Yu

    Growing up in China, reading comics after school was the highlight of my day.

    Calabash Brothers, Transformers, Superman, Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck were my favs. As an adult, I forgot about the simple joy of losing...

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  • Eric Johanson

    I was wearing a suit when our founders roped me into joining Board Boys. They shared their passion for comics and how the comic-collecting crowd was left with few options when it came to protecting their cherished comics.

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