Superpower: Operations

Lawrence Lee

From an early age, I have loved superheroes! My fondest memories from childhood were waking up early on Saturdays to watch Super Friends and Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends.  This started my journey into superheroes and then in college, I started to collect comics. 

The quest to protect valuable comics that encapsulate history and art became an obsession during the pandemic. I was on the hunt to find top loaders for my existing key and variant comic covers but they were out of stock and increasing in prices.  

What’s a frustrated fanboy with a grad school degree (hey UC Bears) and 10 years of supply chain experience in China (yo Apple) to do but form an alliance with Andrew Luy from Comic Cloak!

In our quest to perfect the comic book protector, we needed an assembly of superheroes, and the formation of Board Boys was born. Our first invention is the ComicCapsule and we hope you love this product as much as we do. This truly is a product made by nerds for nerds!

Superpower: Design

Andrew Luy

I am an inventor and lover of all things comic books! 

When it comes to comic book encapsulation, the industry has left the comic book collector with uninspired options. 

Bag and board are okay for keeping your $1 comics protected. Getting your comic slabbed for upwards of $65 has its place but where’s the love for the collector who wants to peruse their comic books occasionally and keep them well-protected too?

I’ve been collecting comics for over 40 years. My earliest memories are of my father taking me on our weekly weekend ritual to the candy store to buy me comic books to keep me occupied while he enjoyed breakfast at McDonald’s. Amazingly, comic storage has not really changed.

What’s been lacking in the encapsulation industry fueled my desire to dream with the Board Boys and architect the next generation of comic book storage. I think that there are certain books that warrant the high price of grading and slabbing, like the times I met Stan Lee and had him sign key books. Other than that I prefer to store my comics in a medium that I can access and enjoy my books.

Welcome to the ComicCapsule community! 

Superpower: Manufacturing

Joe Yu

Growing up in China, reading comics after school was the highlight of my day.

Calabash Brothers, Transformers, Superman, Mickey Mouse, and Donald Duck were my favs.

As an adult, I forgot about the simple joy of losing myself in a comic book until it was reignited when I answered the call to be part of the Board Boys team. 

Our multinational team spans different cultures, educational backgrounds, and ages but what unites us all is our shared love for comics.  

A lot of thought, care, and deliberation has gone into creating a product worthy of our childhood machinations.

We hope that ComicCapsule brings you joy as you reminisce over your old comics or create new memories with your latest collection. 

Superpower: Engineering

Eric Johanson

I was wearing a suit when our founders roped me into joining Board Boys. They shared their passion for comics and how the comic-collecting crowd was left with few options when it came to protecting their cherished comics. 

With over +30 years of design engineering experience, I knew I had to use my powers for good and join this brotherhood of comic book renegades to help the underserved. 

During the day I work in the semiconductor industry. But through countless late nights and weekends, we have laid the groundwork with over 100+ design iterations and a slew of prototypes that have been endlessly scrutinized.

ComicCapsule has been created using smart engineering principles and we hope you share our obsession with all things design, material, and functionality.