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Black ComicCapsule

Black ComicCapsule

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Designed to fit:

  • Modern-sized comic (6.75” board and 6 7/8” bag and the standard 32 pages)
  • Silver-sized comic (standalone)

Internal Dimensions: 176mm W x 267mm H x 4mm D

Introducing our top-tier ComicCapsule, with a black back cover, the premier comic book protector designed to safeguard your prized collection with unparalleled precision. Crafted meticulously for durability, our ComicCapsule offers an impenetrable defense against dust, UV, and wear, ensuring your comics remain in pristine condition whether you choose to display or store your comics.

Forged from high-grade, acid-free materials, our ComicCapsule acts as a transparent shield, allowing your comics to shine while offering robust protection against harmful elements. The crystal-clear clarity showcases every detail of your treasured comics, maintaining their integrity and value over time.

Tailored to perfectly encase modern-sized (Silver-sized comics without a bag and board can be accommodated) comic books, our ComicCapsule boasts a meticulous design that combines sturdiness and flexibility. The snug fit provides reliable support, preventing any bending, creasing, or accidental damage. This ensures your collection remains immaculate and retains its market value.

Whether you're a dedicated collector, an enthusiastic reader, or an investor safeguarding the worth of your comics, our ComicCapsule stands as the ultimate comic book protector. Protect, preserve, and proudly display your comics, knowing they're shielded by the finest innovation from the BoardBoys.

Invest in the pinnacle of protection for your beloved comic book collection. Try our ComicCapsule today and witness the unparalleled defense it provides for your prized comics!

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